Fachgebiet Augmented Vision

SS 2010 - Intelligent Human Computer Interaction

Room and Time 

Lecture room 48/208, Thursday, 15:30-17:00 
Exercise room 32/411, Wednesday (as given below), 15:30-17:00 
Exam room and time 46/110, Monday, 06.09.2010, 09:30-10:45
Second exam room and time: 46/110, Friday, 08.04.2011, 09:30-10:45
http://av.dfki.de/images/stories/lectures/ihci-ss10/Results.pdfAn SCI-Account is required for the exercises!


Gabriele Bleser, gabriele.bleser(at)dfki.de 

Lecture contents

  • 15.04.2010: Introduction 
  • 22.04.2010: Interaction and evaluation 
  • 29.04.2010: Interaction and MTT, Paper Accot Zhai, Paper Seow 
  • 06.05.2010: Matlab lecture, Matlab course (homework) 
  • 20.05.2010: Perception and color
  • 10.06.2010: Display calibration and HDR
  • 17.06.2010: Augmented Reality I
  • 24.06.2010: Augmented Reality II 
  • 01.07.2010: 3D Computer Vision, LS Estimation 
  • 08.07.2010: Bayes Classification
  • 15.07.2010: PCA tutorial 
  • 15.07.2010: PCA



There will be two homework assignments during the semester with accompanying exercise sessions (see schedule below). The homeworks will consist of questions and an implementation part in Matlab and should be solved in groups of five students (build groups independently). The solutions should be emailed as PDF to gabriele.bleser(at)dfki.de with the email addresses and matriculation numbers of all group members. There is no special exercise registration required.
An introductory Matlab lecture will be given at 06.05.2010 (English).
Matlab is available in the exercise room under Linux. QtOctave is a nice free Matlab clone, which can be downloaded here for both Windows and Linux. Matlab is also available for download from the university.
Only the students who have satisfactorily addressed the given homeworks will be eligible to participate in the final exam. However, only the final exam counts.

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