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Course Templates

Templates for seminars and projects

Documentations and papers for projects and seminars should be developed in LaTeX based on the templates provided below. Bibliography data should be added to a BibTeX file according to the example. Since it is planned to compile a single proceedings document for each semester's course, the individual contributions should be provided in a separate file mypaper.tex according to the example in the template package.

Most of the Linux distributions contain LaTeX (e.g. TeTeX package). Kile could be used as an editor.

Under Windows, a combination of MiKTeX (compiler) and TeXnicCenter (editor) could be used, or alternatively WinEdt oder TeXworks.

A nice collection of helpful LaTeX links is provided by Matthias Pospiech

Templates for documentation and presentations

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Slides PowerPointzip
LaTeX template - for seminars and projects    zip
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