Fachgebiet Augmented Vision


Exam for students who attneded the Lecture in WS-20/21

The exam on 3D Computer Vision will be on September 13, 2021 in the time of 8:30-11:00 AM (1.5 hours) in room 46-210.

Please be in front of the room/building, 15 min before the exam starts. Due to the Covid situation we have to keep track of all persons beeing inside the buildings. Therfore you have to visit https://kontaktverfolgung.uni-kl.de/, enter all your personal information and create a QR-Code of your person.
To participate the exam we need to scan your QR-Code (bring it either printed or on your smartphone). In addition please bring your student ID, and a scientific calculater.
Note that it is not allowed to use a cheat sheet during the exam.
Please check also the important notes on Covid Guidlines for written exams: here.


Please register to the lecture by sending an e-mail to Tewodros Habtegebrial: tewodros_amberbir.habtegebrial(at)dfki.de

Information about OLAT (links, passwords, dates ...) will be sent per e-Mail.

Room and Time 

Lecture: online streaming or offline videos and slides  - Wednesday, 08:15-09:45, starting 28.10.2020
Exercise: online interactive session, 17:00 - 19:00


Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker 

Tewodros Habtegebrial: tewodros_amberbir.habtegebrial(at)dfki.de

Torben Fetzer: torben.fetzer(at)dfki.de


  • Introduction: what is a camera?
  • Camera model and camera calibration
  • Fitting and parameter estimation
  • Image point detection and point matching
  • 2D-image transformations (mapping) and panorama stitching
  • Two cameras: epipolar geometry and stereo reconstruction
  • Multiple view reconstruction
  • Structured light: laser, coded light
  • Depth Cameras
  • Structure from motion
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