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SS 2017 - 2D Image Processing


EXAM: Oral exam from 28th August to 1st September 2017 and from 9th to 13th October.

Please register and get an appointment, i.e. send your request to: keonna.cunningham[at]dfki.de


Room and Time

Lecture: 48/453, Tuesday, 08:15-09:45

Exercise: room 48-379, Friday, 15:30-17:00



Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker 
Dr. Kiran Varanasi


  • Color, HDR
  • Filters
  • Edges and Corners
  • Feature tracking and optical flow
  • Object detection
  • Neural networks


The slides will be continuously added here:



Homework assignments (~6 throughout semester) will consist of a theoretical part (questions) and a practical part (using OpenCV), to be solved in groups of 2 students.

Answers to questions and implementations must be handed in via email:

  • Homework submission is mandatory for being eligible to participate in the oral exam
  • Submission deadline, tutor and exercise session will be given on each assignment

Tutorial sessions will be held shortly after submission deadline:

  • Discussion of last exercise
  • Presentation/preparation of current exercise
  • Discussion of lecture
  • Friday, 15:30-17:00, room 48-379

Exercise sheets

    Exercises and material:fileadmin/inf_ags/2dip-ss17/2DIP_Exercise_01.pdf

    • David A. Forsyth and Jean Ponce, Computer Vision: A Modern Approach
    • Richard Szeliski, Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications